Kilimanjaro or Bust!

If you have heard of SoftWave therapy but have not yet tried it, here’s a TESTIMONIAL you need to read:

Johanna Hughes, visiting from the UK came to see Dr. Sheri Russell at The RUSSELL CENTER in July 2022 as a referral. Pre-Covid, she had planned a trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro which had been canceled or postponed several times.

Finally, the trip was back on her calendar and scheduled for September 2022.

Unfortunately, her body and her calendar weren’t aligning. Johanna suffered a hip injury about six years ago that gradually led to other issues in her right leg including her knee, adductor muscles, and IT band.

A fit and active person, Johanna regularly practiced yoga & pilates as well as played Padel (a racquet sport that is a mix between tennis and squash) and (English) football.

Unfortunately, her injury got to the point where her leg was giving way when she made any fast-paced change in direction or on any downhill slope.

By April of last year, she was fraught to think she would miss out on this trip of a lifetime as every step had become painful.

In July, she signed up for eight sessions of SoftWave therapy. This treatment coincided with training time for the trek to the top and no rigorous training was allowed during these sessions so that was challenging.

Doc Sheri was able to alleviate all the issues related to Johanna’s hip injury and after her eight sessions, she put her treatment to the test. On September 11, 2022, Johanna did the Yorkshire three peaks challenge, climbing 23 miles in 11 hrs. and 24 minutes!

Anything under 12 hrs. is considered a good result. She told us, “I practically jogged down the last hour and my leg hadn’t given way once. Now I knew I had a chance at Kilimanjaro!”

In October, Johanna fulfilled her dream and completed the hardest physical challenge of her life. She successfully climbed to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro- six days up and two days down. “Summit day” required 16 hours of hiking both up and down to reach the top and only on the eighth day did she say she felt any very mild discomfort.

SoftWave therapy got her body back to peak performance! While you may not have plans as lofty as Kilimanjaro, any pain that is standing in your way and preventing you from doing things you love is pain that Doc Sheri can help treat.

As they say at The Russell Center, “We take care of the most important piece of equipment you own- YOU!”

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