Valentines Day Sweet Heart Special

Special Products for a Special Event

20% off all Herb Tech Pharmaceuticals products with the Code VALENTINE20


Our Intimate bundle of topical and oral micro mist CBD products are individually formulated with a portfolio of aphrodisiacs to create a botanical entourage to compliment the CBD. We have spoken a lot about Herb Tech Pharma’s expertise and innovation regarding formulation science. However, Herb Tech Pharma’s products are more than just science.

Herb Tech Pharma products come with a guarantee as to the quantity of pure CBD in each bottle. With most products in this industry the quantity of actual pure CBD content is often unknown as only the hemp oil extract concentration is provided and the pure CBD amount could vary widely or be none at all. In our topical products the full spectrum CBD oil has between 80% to 95% pure CBD. This means that 1000 mgs of hemp extract, in our bottles, has between 800 to 950 mgs of pure CBD per bottle. Our oral micro mist spray products use 99 % pure CBD isolate with a guarantee of 840 mgs of CBD per bottle. These are some of the highest concentrations in the industry. In addition to some of the highest concentrations of pure CBD, Herb Tech Pharma only formulates with the highest quality CBD produced. The CBD that we use in our topical products is full spectrum and in our oral micro mist spray products it is isolate. Both CBD material are independently certified to be 2018 Farm Bill Compliant with full panel certification. Further, the hemp/CBD is organically grown in Kentucky and extracted using CO2 extraction methods to avoid the use of solvents. Finally, our packaging consists of industry leading metered dose dispensers. This allows the consumer to understand and control the amount of CBD that they want to use. With the Herb Tech Pharma topical products, one pump of the dispenser equals one gram of total material which contains 20 mg of hemp extract containing between 16 and 19 mg of CBD. Similarly with our micro mist oral sprays, one spray equals 5 mgs of CBD extract. With other products in the industry, consumers don’t know how much to use as there is no way to determine dosing.

Herb Tech Pharma’s commitment is to provide the consumer with the best and most trusted CBD and Botanical experience. Experience the Herb Tech difference!

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