Full Moon Restorative Meditation

Full Moon Restorative Meditation

Join us in a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Restorative Yoga and Meditation THIS FRIDAY 6:30-8PM. Harvest the powerful energy of this Full Moon by mediating and relaxing your body and mind. Transform negativity and stress into love and personal empowerment.

What is happening on this Full Moon on Friday, July 27th:
– Full Moon (called Blood Moon or Thunder Moon)
– Lunar Eclipse (the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century)
– Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Mercury retrograde

This day may feel intense for many people. This is a creative solution to access a personal transformation, using the alchemy of powerful astrological forces.

Chakra sound meditation (Osho meditation) is a gentle way to open and harmonize energy centers in the body. In the same time, we will use restorative yoga poses to enhance the chakra opening. The participants are encouraged to sing along with the music to increase the healing vibration in their body and energy system.

A perfect way to harmonize the body and the mind! Manifest inner Peace! Become Love and Harmony!

Restorative yoga by Kathy Schroeder
Meditation by Silvie Lockerova (and Osho) http://www.silvielockerovahealing.com

$35 www.nsryoga.com