The Body and Mind Illuminated


A Master’s Course

Friday, August 28; Saturday, August 29; Sunday, August 30 at Wisdom’s Heart, 2 Duncan St., Gloucester

Yoga and meditation together is an incredibly fast path to experiencing huge shifts in consciousness.  There is an ancient saying that inner winds and thoughts work in tandem for achieving total freedom.  During the weekend yoga classes you will be lead through postures in your body while at the same time using very specific thoughts in your mind to quickly move through the stages of awakening.

The Mind Illuminated is a uniquely comprehensive guide to meditation for a Western audience.  It is a clear, concise and in-depth meditation which combines wisdom from the Buddha with the latest research in cognitive psychology and neuroscience, providing meditators with step-by-step guidance for every stage of the path – from your very first sit to mastery of the deepest states of peace and insight.

No matter what kind of yoga or meditation practice you have – this weekend workshop will provide you with the theory, concepts and explicit directions to take your practice to a new level.

This set of classes is appropriate for anyone with a strong interest in yoga and meditation, from a complete beginner to someone who has practiced for decades.

Join Julie Upton and Matthew Immergut, PH.D for this special experience.

Friday: $15 donation is appreciated.

7 – 9 pm

Introduction to the course.  We will discuss the book The Mind Illuminated, its purpose and how it can help you achieve your meditation goals as well as how the practice of yoga is a complimentary companion to that process.

Saturday: $25 donation is appreciated.

8-10 am yoga

10-10:30 break

10:30-12:30 Meditation Talk

12:30-1 Q&A

Sunday: $25 donation is appreciated.

11 -1 yoga

1-1:30 break

1:30-3:30 Meditation Talk

3:30-4 Q&A

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