Give Something Powerful for Christmas


Socks are nice. Books are great. Candy, treats, and cookies are all tasty and fun to eat. A new Lexus with one of those red bows would be totally awesome. But one powerful gift says:

“I love you so much that I want you to be happy, healthy, and live as long and fulfilling a life as possible.”  

That gift is a certificate to Cape Ann Power Yoga.

You can buy one right now online and print it out or come in to the studio 15 minutes before or after any class on our schedule to pick up a certificate in person.

and then:

the person you give the gift certificate to can go online or come in to the studio to use it any time. If they are savvy (which they must be to have a friend like you) they have until January 2 to take advantage of our special Holiday Prices!

Please contact us any time with any questions about our studio, specials, or even just about yoga in general. We are just regular people who have a sincere appreciation for how powerful and life-changing this practice is. That’s why we made all of our regular classes all levels and always just $10. We want you to come and practice, and practice a lot.

Boom. Christmas shopping: Done.

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