Cape Ann Power Yoga Double Dog Dares You!



Just what is a “Double”?

2 yoga classes in 1 day. (We recommend back to back)


You know that feeling you get when you walk out of a hot power yoga class? Like your body, mind, and soul have all been run through a washing machine? Your head is clear, you’re healthy, and free from any discomfort? Imagine feeling twice as good.

Is it safe?

Yes. In fact it’s a lot better for you than eating white sugar or drinking cocktails.

How do I enter in the drawing for a Month Unlimited?

Just come and take two classes in one day, any day in the month of February. Let the teacher or check in person know that you’ve doubled down and you will be entered in to the drawing.

Is it possible to double down my double down?

Yes! Check in on facebook (photos are a huge plus) at Cape Ann Power Yoga and a note about how awesome you feel having just doubled down and your entry in to the drawing will be doubled down. Also every day that you do a double your name will be entered again.


You know how good and open that last down dog of the practice feels? It’s entirely different from the one you walk in with. When you do two classes back to back – you pick right up where you left off in the first one. Especially if you’re new to hot power yoga or have never experienced a “Double Down” before, we sincerely want you to give this a try, now. We’re confident that you will leave feeling better than you have in years. 


We are now offering a NEW class from 12-1 on Wednesdays!





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