Saltwater Massage Studio is Hiring!!

~ NOW HIRING ~ seeking one great massage therapist to join our awesome team. This is a dream job for an MT, I know because it was my dream. In the words of one of our current team members “I don’t think I’m ever going to work anywhere else.”  REQUIREMENTS: Minimum 2 years professional work experience as a massage therapist. Availability FRIDAY afternoon and SUNDAYS (additional shifts available, but only MTs with Fri/Sun avail will be interviewed). Licensed by the MA Massage Therapy Board and AMTA or ABMP member. Applicants with advanced certifications and continuing ed and/or background in another fitness or wellness field are preferred. To apply: send a resume AND cover letter to I am looking for the right fit and not just someone to fill a job, so tell me a little about you and why you want to work here. Talk to you soon!image

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