40 Days to Personal Revolution: A Breakthrough Program to Radically Change Your Body and Awaken the Sacred Within Your Soul



“Many of us are searching without knowing exactly what we are looking for. Some of us go on a diet to lose weight and try all kinds of programs and workshops to make ourselves feel better, or perhaps we throw ourselves into our work and seek wealth and status to fill the void, but underneath, an emotional emptiness remains. No matter how much we try to gloss over that yearning with temporary fixes, it is still there, whispering the truth: that what we need isn’t another quick fix, but rather a rebirth – a whole-life revolution. ”

– Baron Baptiste,

from his book 40 Days to Personal Revolution


Cape Ann Power Yoga studio owner and one of the leaders of our 40 Day Program – Elizabteh DeAngelis assisting a Global Summit of Baptiste yoga teachers in Park City, Utah this weekend in a class taught by Baron Baptiste.

ASANA – 6 practices a week – 5 in studio – at Cape Ann Power Yoga* and 1 home practice                                                  *talk to us about any special work or travel circumstances, you may practice at an out of town studio or do home practice.

MEDITATION – 2 times a day – This will start at five minutes and build to thirty.

SELF INQUIRY – Each week you will answer questions from Baron’s book. This journaling work is profound and will open doors in your heart and mind.

YOUR SUPPORT:  Weekly meetings with CAPY leaders: Sundays 11:00am-12:00pm or Mondays 7:30-8:30pm. You go to one meeting a week, pick the day that is convenient for you.

Group connection: you’ll have a FaceBook group as well as access to email with one of your CAPY leaders.

Buddies: you’ll have a 40 Day Buddy so that you can keep each other motivated and on track. Buddies, team leaders, and fellow 40 Dayers can let you know when they’ll be at the studio so you’ll know you’ll have friends on the mat.

COST: $200 for the program and unlimited classes for the duration/ $175 for YMCA members/ $50 for autopay, six month and year members. One month and YMCA members will have their months put on hold; class cards will be put on hold.

You’ll buy your own copy of “40 Days to Personal Revolution” and you’ll need a great new journal!


THE KICKOFF:  PRE PROGRAM INFORMATIONAL MEETING Friday, October 6, 7:00-8:00pm PROGRAM BEGINS Sunday, October 8 (if you’re out of town you may begin on the 9th). FINAL CELEBRATION Friday, November 17, 7:00-8:30….. or later!


NEW FOR FALL 2017 – 40 Days EXPRESS – this option is for students brand new to power yoga, returning from an injury or long hiatus, or with extenuating work, travel, or life circumstances (like a new baby!) You’ll do 3 studio practices a week with our Wednesday night Basics class highly recommended and your meditation will cap at 10 minutes. All other aspects of the program will be the same. Of course you’ll be welcome to do more, you may just find that your energy and motivation bump you right up into the regular program! The prices are the same and you’ll have unlimited access to classes.

Click HERE to Sign Up!

Please email, call, or text with any questions or concerns about this program. Elizabeth has been participating and leading this program and ones like it for years and we continute to offer it because it is PROVEN to be EFFECTIVE. Also – this specific program wraps up just in time for Thanksgiving so when you see your friends and family they’ll get to see you at your best self – and you can feel good about having an exstra helping at dinner : )

Dave DeAngelis 617 – 821 – 6734


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