BEST EVER prenatal massages at Saltwater Massage Studio

One of our favorite services to provide at Saltwater Massage Studio is prenatal massage therapy (fancy lingo for massage during pregnancy).  We have had the pleasure of supporting many Cape Ann women throughout the duration of their pregnancy and it is always so fun and special to be part of that journey.  Last week, 3 of our clients gave birth and we couldn’t be happier to welcome these sweet little babies into the world!!

When we expanded last April, we upgraded our massage tables to higher-end tables equipped with a removable insert (aka “belly hole”) that allows women to comfortably and safely lie on their stomach during their massage session.  Most women view this as an incredible gift, especially in the last 10-12 weeks of pregnancy when it becomes harder and harder to find a comfortable sleeping position.

Prenatal Massage helps address the inevitable aches and pains that come along with pregnancy such as hip and low back pain and neck soreness.  Prenatal Massage also offers a chance for deep rest and relaxation that can be hard to find, particularly if there are other little ones at home!

This month, we are offering a special 3 pack of Prenatal Massage Sessions which will save 10% on each session.  

This package can be purchased directly online HERE.

Or, of course, by phone (978)390-7600 or in person at 65 Pleasant St. Gloucester.

FullSizeRender copy

Surprise!!  Who knew this was all going on under here…

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