Yoga for Men (and flexibly challenged women!)

Treetop Yoga Studio is calling all those who say “I can’t do yoga because I am not flexible”. Yoga is for everyBODY. Some of us are stronger, some of us are more flexible, but it is never too late to explore this balance of strength and flexibility in the yoga studio.

We are thrilled to welcome experienced teacher Stephen Labonte into the studio on Wednesday nights. This four week workshop series will explore yoga basics in order to establish a foundation to get the most out of your yoga practice in a mindful, safe manner and to increase flexibility, strength and range of motion.  Each week we will slow down and focus on basic postures. We will learn how to access postures in a safe and pain-free way in order to calm the body and nervous system and deepen your practice. REGISTER HERE

Treetop Yoga is located at 3A Pond Road in Gloucester. We offer over 40 yoga and barre classes a week for all ability levels as well as yoga for kids.

Copy of Yoga for MEN-2

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