Full Moon Restorative Sound Healing

Copy of Full Moon Sound Healing Journey with Elaine O'Rourke-2

Heal, Restore & Clarify your Intentions with Elaine O’Rourke
Elaine will guide you through an amazing blend of restorative yoga with sound healing. This elixir is the perfect offering to embrace the Full Moon. Subtle guided imagery and contemplation will help clarify your intentions. When we can quiet the mind, the creative energies can flow with a natural ease.

What is it all about, how does it work?  Well, think about it for a moment.  How some songs can immediately bring up a memory or feeling of a person, time in life, place…Sometimes it is just one note that triggers a response.  How amazing!

But what is so special about singing bowls, gongs, the voice when used appropriately?  They vibrate at certain frequencies, some are perfectly tuned, some not, they create other harmonics but all making a “good sound”.  Everything including our organs, cellular structure have a frequency so when you sound various bowls and gongs they are resonating at these various frequencies.

Why does it work so well in our bodies?  The spinal column and brain are surrounded by the cerebrial spinal fluid.  We are made up of 70% water/fluids which is an excellent conduit of sound.  Plus our skin and bones absorb sound.

Enjoy a meditative journey through the beautiful sounds of Quartz Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, angelic voicing along with other instrumentation.  Elaine utilizes her knowledge of Yoga and Sound to energize the chakras and restore balance to the body.  The trance-formative vibrations have the ability to bring you to a deep place of relaxation and awareness in order to connect you with your “Higher Intuitive Self”.  This is a multi-layered journey unlike any other.
3A Pond Road, Gloucester

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