In 2017 we were honored to give away 62 free classes to veterans and active duty military personnel in the month of November.

This year we’re hoping to make it over 100.


Spurred in part by the crushing opioid epidemic, the Department of Defense and other federal agencies have been spearheading efforts to manage and mitigate pain and mental health problems among active service members. Yoga, as it turns out, is one of the rising stars. While those in the trenches say there is a long way to go before yoga can be broadly and systemically deployed within the military, the foundation is being laid for using asana, meditation, and other holistic therapies to make military personnel more resilient.

A message to veterans. 


My name is Dave DeAngelis. My wife Elizabeth and I own and operate Cape Ann Power Yoga. We understand that the freedom we have to go about our lives in peace, raise our family, and run our yoga studio are the direct consequence of the sacrifices you and yours have made. We are grateful to you, and hopeful that we can in our humble way serve you by teaching you and providing you with a space to come and practice yoga.

This practice can benefit people physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We believe in it because we see it working in all types of different people every day. Come and join us and become a part of our community.

If you have little or no experience with yoga – that’s even better. We will provide you with a mat, a towel, and as many free classes as you can take in the month of November. Just show up to any class in November and let the desk person know you’re here for Veterans’ November and class is on is. Every time.

And if you’re interested but not sure if this is for you or you don’t want to dive right in with the general public, we will help you with that too. I’ll personally meet with you at the studio outside of a normal class time to walk you through, get you comfortable and set up, and on your path to practicing yoga. If you want more assistance after that we will set you up with private (or small group if you have veteran friends) instruction with one of our teachers.

We aren’t just offering free class – we’re offering to do whatever it takes to help you develop a regular yoga practice in your life. Please reach out with any questions. You can email Elizabeth and I at or call or text me directly at 6178216734. If you want to make this work for you – we’ll see to it that it does.

I look forward to meeting you, and the enrichment that your presence will bring to our community.


Dave DeAngelis

More information and our schedule is available at Cape Ann Power Yoga . Com 



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