Virtual Class Schedule, Prop Rental, & Mat Delivery from Treetop Yoga Studio

Cream Brown Simple Class Schedule (1)

We are well into a groove of the new virtual platform, and excited to be able to add to our schedule! Have you tried a class via Zoom yet? It’s super easy and a way to stay connected to your practice, breath, and mindful movement as we continue on this journey; isolated yet still very much connected.


1. Create a free account on Zoom and download the app on a device if you plan to use something other than your phone.

2. Sign up on our schedule using your MindBody account. You can view the classes on the “Schedule” page of our website. Your current class passes and memberships will work, or you can purchase a drop-in class or virtual-class pass. (Only Friday currently appears, but we will update all future classes by the close of the business day on Friday).

3. Prepare your class space with blocks (or alternatives, like a piles of books or big water bottle), straps (towels, belts or ties to robes can work well), bolsters (couch or bed pillows), blankets, and/or towels. Stay hydrated and keep a water bottle handy.

3. Check your email for the link and password to access class. Please be sure to check your spam/junk/promotional inbox.

4. Prepare to link in to Zoom at least five (5) minutes ahead of time to get connected and settled.

5. Click the link from your email and simply watch, or click the video to make it a two-way interaction so your teacher can see you. Your microphone will automatically be muted so your noise will not be heard. (If for some reason the mute does not work, your teacher will ask you to click on the mute icon to prevent the possibility of background noise that all class attendees will hear.)

6. There is a picture of a camera at the bottom as well. If it has a red line through it your face is not showing. If you disable that we can see you. It is up to you if you want to have the camera on or off.

In Zoom, there are different views you can choose. In the top right of your screen, you will see an option to change views. In our opinion, the best one to have on is the one with the teacher at the forefront of your screen. This should be the default setting when you join a class or meeting.

*** Please note: By joining a Zoom call, you agree to possibly being present in the recorded distribution of the video when we create a virtual library. You can always opt out of being seen by clicking the camera icon to turn your personal video off.

Building Blocks Fund

Treetop Yoga invites our community to contribute to a fund that will allow those who are unemployed or under employed to continue their yoga practice.

We are all individual blocks that build the foundation of our studio community. As a way to allow others to still practice, we will be renting out our yoga blocks and bolsters for your home practice. All funds raised will go towards class passes for those in our community who cannot afford to participate in our virtual studio classes at this time.

Cash or Check Only. Block Rental $10, Bolster Rental $20. Email to arrange pick up or delivery.

*Must have a credit card on file at Treetop. Unreturned or damaged props will incur a charge ($20 for blocks; $40 for bolsters).

Finally, if you are in need of a new mat, or want to treat yourself (or a loved one– Mother’s Day is right around the corner!) to a new yoga outfit, we are offering free delivery to Cape Ann! Email to inquire about retail purchases.

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