Cleanse Conference Call ~

Thursday, April 30 at 7pm

Free conference call for Ayurvedic 3 day cleanse with Ayurveda Wellness Healing, LLC and TreetopYoga

New Dial-in Number(s)
(515) 604-9099

Access Code per account(s). send us an email to sign up and we will release the access code.

Cleanse dates: May 3 – 5, 2020

Have 3 days? Want better health? Learn more on this free informational call for the upcoming Spring Cleanse with Ayurveda Wellness Healing, LLC and Treetop!

Spring is a perfect time to detox and reset of our digestive fires (Agni) to help remove built up toxins (Ama) from the heavy winter diet.

Our 3-day cleanse will help to reset your digestive fires to help flush out toxins and restore the gut-brain connection to improve your over all health. You will see improvement on fatigue, mental fog, depression, anxiety, and bloating.

**We are incorporating a free “Virtual” spring sunrise yoga class, led by Erin Waltz McKay of TreetopYoga in Gloucester, that recognizes Kapha’s earthy and watery nature. As the sister science of Ayurveda, a yoga practice can boost energy in the body. (this is a fluid situation so date will be announced)


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