CBD and Inflammation

One of my favorite properties about CBD is it’s anti-inflammatory effect on the body. While inflammation is apart of the body’s immune response, it isn’t always perfect. It can be beneficial when, for example, your knee sustains a blow and tissues need care and protection. However, sometimes, inflammation can persist longer than necessary, causing more harm than benefit. People with chronic inflammation are susceptible to asthma, tuberculosis, arthritis, Chrones, various types of cancer, and in some cases Alzheimer’s. Additionally, our environment can be causing inflammation in ways we don’t even realize. Are you eating an all organic diet? Are you breathing in factory fumes or car exhaust on a daily basis? Do you drink a lot of soda? Because of these exposures, inflammation is likely running rampant in your body, and more importantly, your brain. Luckily for us, CBD can counteract this effect.

We have a variety of pain management topicals available for you to sample for free.

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