Why is the USDA Organic seal important?  You buy CBD oil for your health so it makes sense that you want to make sure it is pure.

The USDA Organic seal provides assurance that your CBD is free of pesticides, herbicides, and other unwanted chemicals.  

So, why are the largest CBD brands “not” USDA Organic certified?  The big brands each have annual revenues in the tens of millions of dollars, with the largest exceeding one hundred million dollars.

Is there enough USDA Organic hemp?

It would be more expensive for the largest CBD brands to source the large quantities of hemp they buy from USDA Organic certified suppliers.  By buying their hemp from non-certified suppliers, they increase their profits.  Since so much non-certified hemp supplies the market, supplies of true USDA Organic hemp are limited.  

The supply of USDA Organic certified hemp is not a problem for Northeast Kingdom (NEK) Hemp.   They grow all their own hemp right on their USDA Organic certified family farm, so they know exactly how it’s grown.  No worries about sourcing hemp from suppliers who may cut corners.

In fact, NEK does the entire process from organic soil to bottling organic oil right on their farm.  This is how they know every step is done right to produce the highest purity oils.

Hemp is a bio-acumulator, meaning that compounds in the environment concentrate in the plant.  Any pesticides or herbicides used by non-certified suppliers of the largest CBD brands accumulates in the hemp plants. This is why Northeast Kingdom Hemp does not use any pesticides or herbicides.  NEVER ANY – EVER.

When the largest CBD oil producers source hemp from external suppliers, they don’t control the growing conditions of the hemp they use.  Any pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals in the growing environment can be concentrated in oils produced and be harmful to your body.

It makes sense that you want CBD oils that are pure.  Northeast Kingdom Hemp doesn’t have the large marketing budget of the big brands, but they know how to produce the Healthiest CBD oils.  

The Healthiest CBD oils are USDA Organic Certified.  All hemp oils Northeast Kingdom Hemp makes are fully USDA Organic. 

How does Northeast Kingdom Hemp do it?

Because Northeast Kingdom Hemp is located in the northern part of Vermont, they have a unique advantage over industrial hemp farms.  In northern Vermont, the long cold winters eliminate almost all pests naturally.  There are so few pests that Northeast Kingdom Hemp can prevent problems with aphids by using ladybugs. 

Industrial scale hemp farms are forced to use pesticides and herbicides to protect their crops.  That’s why they can’t get USDA Organic Certification.

Northeast Kingdom Hemp never uses any pesticides or herbicides, not even organic ones.  Even organic pesticides and herbicides can be unhealthy. 

By caring for each plant by hand, Northeast Kingdom Hemp can be sure that their hemp grows free from contaminants and is rich with healthy hemp compounds.  It’s all part of making the healthiest, purist CBD oils. 

When selecting CBD products, make sure you’re getting the Healthiest.  That means finding a source that puts quality first in every step of the process.

How your CBD is grown, processed, and extracted affects how it works in your body.

Small family farms like Northeast Kingdom Hemp don’t compromise quality for profit.  They only make the Healthiest CBD oils.  Use a source you can trust.

We at Angel Wings Wellness are proud to carry the full line of North East Kingdom Hemp Products!!!


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