A Chiropractor’s Experience With CBD, WOW!

“25 years of working with thousands of patients had taken a toll on my hands, wrists and elbows”, said Dr. Gina Carucci, owner of Carucci Chiropractic and Holistic Health Center located in Rocky Hill, Connecticut. https://drcarucci.com/

“I tried several CBD products from California and Colorado companies.  Nothing helped.  I was considering significantly reducing my practice hours”.

As a last-ditch effort, Dr. Carucci gave her hands a rest by taking a four-week sabbatical during which she traveled to a region of Vermont called the Northeast Kingdom.

Unfortunately, the sabbatical was not a relieving vacation. After nearly four-weeks of rest, her hands still had a considerable amount of discomfort.

Then, as luck would have it, she had a “Relief Event.” And of all places, it was at a Vermont Maple Syrup Festival.  On the final day of her sabbatical, she dragged herself out to the festival in the rain and happened upon a chance meeting.

A small family farm called Northeast Kingdom Hemp (NEK Hemp) was also at the Maple Syrup Festival.  After a conversation with the NEK Hemp folks, Dr. Carucci purchased NEK Hemp’s 500 mg CBD balm and worked it into her hands prior to her return trip home.

“My drive home from the festival was different – it was a bit less after just one application.”

Dr. Carucci started applying the balm 3 times a day.  After two weeks, her hands were 80% better.

“Then my level plateaued,” said Dr. Carucci.  “80% less was significant but I wondered what would happen if I added a tincture to the protocol.”

Dr. Carucci began using a CBD tincture.  Placing drops of golden CBD oil under her tongue daily has returned her hands, wrists and elbows to 95 – 100%!

Dr. Carucci was so impressed by the effects of CBD that she now carries NEK Hemp’s CBD product line in her office, and  her patients rely on NEK Hemp’s CBD products.

Before recommending a product to her patients, Dr. Carucci insists on thoroughly researching it.  In this case, she traveled back to Vermont to see NEK Hemp’s family farm for herself.

She found a small family farm dedicated to sustainable organic production but with the advanced technical capabilities for producing top-quality CBD oils and products.

“They are committed to the earth and committed to quality.  They follow sustainable farming practices that protect the land while producing pure gold from the sun, earth and seed”– said Dr. Carucci.

“While visiting NEK Hemp’s farm, I found they have a high-tech lab to ensure purity and potency in the extraction and manufacture of their products.  The rest of the operation looks and feels like a family farm, with a wonderful log cabin and office that is very welcoming and inviting to the community.”

“This small family operation has made a significant investment where they follow rigorous operating procedures based on federal regulation.  Additionally, they have achieved the USDA Organic seal, and they place a QR code on each product.  This code verifies the independent lab analysis of the product to validate its purity and potency.”

But perhaps the most important thing she found was the people who love what they do and put quality and integrity above everything.

As Dr Carucci said. “This is Vermont.  A wonderful, down to earth family farm committed to quality in the products they produce because they care about the community they serve!”

About Northeast Kingdom Hemp

Angel Wings Wellness carries Northeast Kingdom Hemp products. 12 Rogers Street- Gloucester

Northeast Kingdom Hemp is a family farm producing full-spectrum CBD oils and other hemp products in Barton, Vermont.  Four generations of family farmers – all born and raised in Vermont – lovingly tend all the hemp on our USDA Certified Organic farm.  We follow sustainable practices to grow pure and healthy hemp plants.  We do all the processing of our hemp, including small-batch supercritical CO2 extraction which preserves and captures the more than 80 active compounds naturally found in hemp.  The result is pure, great tasting, healthier CBD oils that are teeming with naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that are largely lost by more industrial extraction methods. Because we perform the entire process from planting to bottling right on the farm, we know that every step is done right to give you the purest and healthiest CBD oils.

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