CBD – You Get What You Pay For…

As Big Corporations move into the CBD marketplace with massive investments, prices are dropping as hemp becomes a commodity. Consumers can now buy CBD anywhere, at most gas stations and grocery stores. However, the quality and price of CBD products vary tremendously. Critically, the effectiveness of cheap brands is not even close to that of premium products. Consumers should know how hemp was grown and extracted when choosing their brand of CBD. At NEK Hemp, we have chosen to grow our hemp organically, extract CBD using the cleanest and most thorough method, and third party test our batches to verify potency and safety.

Because we have chosen the best methods (not the cheapest), we know that our products taste better, are more bioavailable, and more effective than cheaper brands. By using the highest quality ingredients, best extraction technologies, and formulation practices, we are able to deliver a consistent product that our customers can rely on. NEK Hemp products are more expensive than typical gas station CBD, but the artisanal quality and the fact that the profits go to a sustainable family farm and not corporate shareholders makes all the difference.

Cheap CBD is rarely organic, is extracted with inferior methods, and is often not third-party tested or insured. Organic growing and processing methods are sustainable and ensure a clean product. Pesticides and heavy metals are absorbed by hemp, so where and how you grow is essential. Ethanol and Lipid extraction are far less effective extraction methods than supercritical CO2, resulting in products with lower potency, poor shelf life, and bitter taste. Sadly, many cheap CBD products do not verify the potency with impartial testing, so you really don’t know what you are consuming. Be wary of trusting any brand without the actual proof that you are getting what you paid for.

Even in Vermont, there are big companies trying to squeeze out the small farmers. Ask yourself if you want the Hemp Industry to go the way of the Dairy Industry. Do you want a few very large corporate suppliers or a wide variety of smaller craft producers? With the success of Vermont’s cheese, maple, beer, and spirits, the answer is clear. Support local craft businesses that put quality first. You get what you pay for.

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