November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month – Are You at Risk?

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November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month – Here are Some Facts:

  • Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death
  • Lung cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in both men and women
  • More people die each year from lung cancer than breast, colon and prostate cancer combined
  • Smoking is the # 1 Risk for Lung Cancer (80%–90% of lung cancers are attributed to cigarette smoking!)
  • Non-smokers can get lung cancer too!

Risk Factors for Lung Cancer

  • Smoking Cigarettes
  • Second Hand-Smoke
  • Radon (2nd leading cause of lung cancer.)
  • Other Chemicals (asbestos, arsenic, diesel, exhaust, nickel, tar, soot, some forms of silica and chromium.)
  • Personal or Family History of Lung Cancer
  • HIV infection
  • Radiation Therapy to the Chest
  • Beta-carotene supplements.
  • Arsenic in drinking water (primarily from private wells) can increase the risk of lung cancer. For more information, visit the EPA’s Arsenic in Drinking Water.

How to Prevent Lung Cancer – For information visit Lung Cancer Prevention.

Prevention, Early Detection and Treatment Saves Lives!

Here is a Cancer Survivor’s Story –

Free Lung Cancer CT Screening – At Lahey Burlington and Peabody. Call 855.CT.CHEST to find out if you qualify or log onto =

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Do You Smoke Cigarettes …? NOW is the Time to STOP!!

Talk to you doctor about risks of lung cancer, prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

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