Blueberry Strawberry Salad ~

Blueberry Strawberry Salad ~

Oh what speaks summer more than a bowl of fresh blueberries and strawberries and sunshine!

Blueberries are small but highly nutritious berries. They taste amazing. According to Ayurveda, they’re perfect for summer (Pitta season) because they cool the body and fall under the Pitta pacifying diet. The health benefits of blueberries and their Ayurvedic properties are quite remarkable. Read more (click the link below), and take advantage of seasonal fresh blueberries with the following blueberry strawberry salad recipe for summer!

“Blockage is disease/Flow is health 😊



Restore or SUP with Treetop This Weekend


Follow your July Fourth celebrations with a lovely restorative practice in the studio and a fun SUP Yoga workshop on beautiful Gloucester Harbor.


Declare your INDEPENDENCE from the stress of work and play.
A post holiday RESET.
Join Coley for a short EASY flow, followed by a long EASIER restorative sequence with Thai massage inspired assists. Investment: $25 REGISTER HERE


This workshop is a two hour-on water SUP Yoga class. This class is open to all-levels regardless of yoga and/or paddling experience. We just ask that you are comfortable in- and around the water, even though many people end class as dry as they started it. To start the class, Anneliese will provide a mini on-land lesson to introduce people to the equipment and ensure that everyone feels comfortable using it. As a group, we will then paddle out to find a nice calm spot to hold class. The exact location depends on winds, weather and tides. Anneliese has been teaching this class for 6+ years so she knows the Gloucester harbor and Essex River like the back of her hand. Once there, will anchor up and Anneliese lead the group through the class. We’ll end with some yogi play and a relaxing savasana as we are rocked gently to the water beneath us.

Investment: $40 REGISTER HERE

There is a $10 discount for people who bring their own equipment (Board, Paddle, PFD, Leash)

NEXT SUP WORKSHOP: Saturday, August 10, on the Essex River REGISTER HERE



Dressing for Summer ~

Dressing for Summer ~

Cooling colors for summer…

Summer is the season of fire, and there is an increased tendency for arguments, yelling, and getting angry. It is better not to discuss any serious topics during the hot hours of the day, or during very hot days. If you need to make important decisions, do it in the morning or evening when it’s cool.

Dress in cotton (or silk) clothes, and as much as possible avoid colors like red, orange, yellow, and black. Gentle and mild colors help one to stay cool, especiallyblue, white, green, and purple. After dressing, you can do your worship or meditation practice if it is part of your routine.

Ayurveda Wellness Healing, LLC go to summer color is white…what’s your go to summer color to keep your cool?

“Blockage is disease/Flow is health”