Great to Meet You!

Thanks for visiting us at the Cape Ann Job Fair!

Christine and Barbara from ABC Home Healthcare were on hand and enjoyed meeting potential caregivers last night at the Cape Ann Job Fair.

Missed the event? Don’t fret! We have opportunities for Homemakers, HHA’s, CNA’s, Nursing Students and more throughout Cape Ann as well as the North Shore, Merrimack Valley and Metro Boston.

ABC Offers:
Excellent Pay • Medical & Dental Insurance
401K with Company Match
Travel Pay Plus Mileage Reimbursement

Don’t delay – apply today to help keep Cape Ann Seniors Safe at Home.


281R East Main Street, Gloucester MA
978-281-1001 | 781-245-1880


WE ARE ALSO WELCOMING NON MEMBERS AS WELL! CALL US AT 978-283-8900 TO SIGN UP OR WITH ANY QUESTIONS! You can also reach us on Facebook (MAC Fitness Gloucester) or on Instagram (@MACFITNESSGLO)

Want to Improve Your Sleep?

Recent studies have shown that CBD can act to decrease levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, often related to sleeplessness. Researchers found significantly decreased cortisol levels suggesting that CBD acts as a sedative, providing a deeper and more restful night’s sleep. Ready for a better night’s sleep?  Come visit us at Angel Wings Wellness 12 Rogers St for a free consultation and how we maybe able to help you improve your sleep!

Free Streaming Nia and Restorative Yoga Classes via Zoom with Linda for the Week of April 12th Gershwin Routine. Restorative Yoga Mon. and Wed. 5 PM

So many standards from the American Songbook were written by George Gershwin.  Embraceable You, Our Love is Here to Stay and more.  So many contemporary artists are revisiting and recording new versions of the old standards like Willie Nelson, Diana Krall, Linda Ronstadt.  Why?  Because this music is so timeless.  And it’s great to dance to.  We will be dancing to new versions of the Gershwin standards.  Come join us at the Zoom Stardust Ballroom.  Well at least join me in my basement studio and we will have fun dancing to the Tunes of George Gershwin.

For Restorative Yoga, find some cushions, large books, yoga blocks, blankets, whatever you can use instead of bolsters and blocks.  We make it work.  For more information on Restorative yoga, check out my site,  It is a lovely passive practice that gives the participant relaxation and calm. Who couldn’t use that right now.

If you are new to Nia and Restorative Yoga with Linda, these streaming classes are free.  Share with anyone who you feel needs a little movement or peace in their lives during this period of social isolation.

So here is how it works.  It will be easier for you if you download the Zoom client for meetings for a desktop or laptop, or the app for phones and tablets.

Click here for the link to download the zoom client or the app

Then click on this link to bring to my website and the list of streaming classes

At my website,, you will want to click on the link for the class and time you are trying to join.  Otherwise you will be all alone!

If you have downloaded the client/app, the meeting will open automatically in that interface.

If you have not downloaded the app/client, it should open in a web browser.

You can join early and sit in the waiting room. No magazines but no doctors either.

I’ll leave the audio open till the class starts.  If I leave the audio on, it interferes with my audio and we can’t have that!  I’ll open it back up at the end.  If you need to get my attention, you can raise your hand.  It is an icon in the middle of the bottom of the screen.

If you need any techie help, call me  617-851-2738  or email me at

Find a little space in your home and be prepared to move and have fun.

Feel free to share these invitations to classes with anyone who needs it.

Love to all and stay healthy,

Linda Wilkes

Winners of the 2020 Commercial Cannabis program

GHP News has published the announcement that Herb Tech Pharma is one of  the winners of the 2020 Commercial Cannabis Awards.

See published article below.

Most Advanced Topical & Oral CBD Products Brand – USA

Based in Beverly, Massachusetts, Herb Tech Pharmaceuticals is a speciality pharmaceutical company focused on the development of Hemp CBD and other botanical extracts. Following its well-deserved success in the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2020, we got in touch with Laura Stephens to find out more.

With its consumer- based focus deriving from its unique history, Herb Tech Pharmaceuticals is committed to delivering superior topical and oral products. Going into further detail, Laura begins by providing us with a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its clientele.“The decision that a consumer makes to purchase a health and wellness product is an important one and one that we at Herb Tech Pharma do not take lightly. Naturally, we believe that the consumer is relying on us to produce a product that can safely and effectively address their health and wellness needs. Here at Herb Tech Pharma, our philosophy focuses on the core belief that the gastro-intestinal system is not the target area for the absorption of CBD or botanical extracts. As naturally derived ingredients, the gastro- intestinal system treats CBD and botanicals like food and destroys them. The little that remains must then be absorbed through the stomach lining, pass through the liver, and only then reach general circulation where they travel throughout the body looking for receptors.

“Using our topical phase change technology or oral micro mist technology can reduce the stomach issues that some consumers could realize from oral products. Typically, our superiority to others is based on our four pillars which includes advanced formulation science, purity and concentration of CBD and extracts, full panel independent validation to ensure of compliance and transparency, and lastly packaging that both protects the product and aids the consumer with proper dosing.At Herb Tech Pharma, we truly believe formulation science combined with our other product pillars helps ensure that the consumer has the best possible health and wellness experience from a brand that they can trust.”

When it comes to recruitment, the firm typically look for candidates who can demonstrate three key skills as Laura goes on to explain.“With our team culture evolving around subject matter expertise, innovation, and passion, we want all of our individual team members to be experts in their fields, to be able to demonstrate innovative problem-solving skills and show a passion for creating unique products.”

In such a very competitive industry, remaining at the forefront of emerging developments has proved to be a pivotal factor behind the firm’s success as Laura explains further. “By heavily investing in the development of our current science platforms as well as more advanced biochemical technologies for prescriptive drug applications, we believe this commitment has allowed us to forge our own path as we push the industry to focus more on product quality, innovation and consumer trust.”

The outbreak of COVID-19 has further highlighted the lack of understanding retailers and consumers have about white label products. In response to this, Herb Tech Pharma have launched a programs to educate the consumer and retailer on how to read a label as Laura points out.

“Since COVID-19 has heightened the public’s focus on health and wellness, consumers and retailers are asking more questions about their products which provides companies like Herb Tech Pharma with an opportunity to educate the consumer and retailer on what distinguishes product quality.

By completing our programs, consumers are able to make better, educated product purchasing decisions.”Bringing the interview to a close, Laura signs off by commenting on the firm’s future prospects as we look ahead to 2021 and beyond.“Here at Herb Tech Pharma, we continually invest in our formulation science platforms and intellectual property. In this regard, we have a number of unique and exciting programs under development that we believe will not only add to our product portfolio but also help further evolve the industry.

Moving forward, with such fierce competition in our industry, maintaining our current position will be challenging, but with the efforts of our team and our commitment to innovation there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about our future.”

Company: Herb Tech Pharmaceuticals Inc. Contact: Laura Stephens

Click here to read the full publication with all 18 world wide winners

10 GHP / Commerical Cannabis Awards 2020

Check Out Which Celebrities are Helping Forward CBD Education!

Celebrities like Martha StewartKim Kardashian, Gwyneth PaltrowWhoopi GoldbergJohn Legend and Rob Gronkowski are lending their names to various CBD brands.  Their fame is valuable for educating the public about the health benefits of CBD.When Jennifer Aniston says that low THC Hemp (less than 0.3%) won’t make you high, you remember.  People listen when Rob Gronkowski says that low THC Hemp was reclassified under the 2018 Farm Bill, so CBD products made from it now can be legally shipped to all 50 states. 

It’s good for the whole industry when Willie Nelson helps more people know that the FDA approved the use of Epidiolex®, a drug containing CBD, to treat forms of epilepsy.

Tens of millions of CBD users in the United States are already using CBD for relaxation, focus and recovering from exercise.  Celebrities from television, Montel Williams, to music, Melissa Etheridge, to sports, Mike Tyson and Megan Rapinoe, will help bring the benefits of CBD into the mainstream.

How Do You Select the Healthiest CBD Products?

At Northeast Kingdom Hemp, we welcome celebrity influencers and hope they will expand their educational efforts.  It is important that consumers understand the importance of being certified USDA Organic, and that the Healthiest CBD products contain a full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that work together with CBD for optimal response in the body.

How your CBD is grown, processed, and extracted affects how it works in your body.

Our family farm doesn’t have a celebrity marketing budget, but we know how to produce the Healthiest CBD oils.

What Should You Do?

Learn what you can from celebrities, but when selecting CBD products, make sure you’re getting the Healthiest.  That means finding a source that puts quality first in every step of the process.

How your CBD is grown, processed, and extracted affects how it works in your body.

Small family farms like Northeast Kingdom Hemp don’t compromise quality for profit.  They only make the Healthiest CBD oils.  Use a source you can trust.

Compare Northeast Kingdom (NEK) Hemp to Most Major Brands
The Healthiest Way ReasonMost Major BrandsNEK Hemp
Never Sourced.All hemp grown on own farmFull control.  Who knows what has been done to sourced hemp.NoYes
Fully Organic USDA CertifiedPure healthy hempNoYes
Never any pesticides or herbicides ever.Hemp is a bio-accumulator.  Even organic pesticides aren’t healthyNoYes
Well-spaced healthy clean individual hemp plantsPrevents mold on lower branches.  More natural healthy compounds in hemp plants.?Yes
Hand harvestingAvoid loss of terpene crystals on outside of hemp plants through harsh abrasive industrial harvestingNoYes
Natural drying by hanging in open airAvoid destruction and loss of terpenes and other healthy hemp compounds due to industrial dryersNoYes
Optimum slow drying humidityMore humid eastern climate preserves terpenes.  Drying too fast in low humidity Colorado, California, Arizona weather causes loss of volatile terpenesNo/?Yes
Precise small-batch CO2 extractionPreserve and capture volatile terpenes and healthy hemp compounds.  Industrial scale extractions don’t.  Not all “Full-Spectrums” are equal.NoYes

About Northeast Kingdom Hemp

Northeast Kingdom Hemp is a family farm producing full-spectrum CBD oils and other hemp products in Barton, Vermont.  Four generations of family farmers – all born and raised in Vermont – lovingly tend all the hemp on our USDA Certified Organic farm.  We follow sustainable practices to grow pure and healthy hemp plants.  We do all the processing of our hemp, including small-batch supercritical CO2 extraction which preserves and captures the more than 80 active compounds naturally found in hemp.  The result is pure, great tasting, healthier CBD oils that are teeming with naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that are largely lost by more industrial extraction methods. Because we perform the entire process from planting to bottling right on the farm, we know that every step is done right to give you the purest and healthiest CBD oils. ANGEL WINGS WELLNESS carries the full line of North East Kingdom Hemp Products!

Help Gloucester Seniors Stay Safe at Home

Join our Team Helping Seniors Live Safely at Home!

Homemakers Wanted

ABC Home Healthcare has immediate openings for
Homemakers • Personal Care Aides • Shoppers

Help seniors in our community remain safe in their homes with shopping, meal preparation, laundry and light housekeeping. Enjoy working close to home while serving seniors in and around Cape Ann.
As a caregiver you’ll have access to:

  • Medical & Dental Insurance
  • 401K with Company Match
  • Paid Travel Time Plus Mileage Reimbursement
  • Full-time or Part-time Hours with Flexible Schedule
  • And more!

Like to travel? Additional opportunities exist in all communities ABC serves including Merrimack Valley, North Shore and Metro Boston.

ABC Home Healthcare is committed to serving our clients and keeping our staff safe.

Visit us online at to learn more and apply online or call 781-914-3283.

281R East Main Street, Gloucester
978-281-1001 |