Falls Prevention Day is happening at Rockport Council on Aging!


Yoga for Kids of All Ages!

Treat your little ones to the healing benefits of yoga this Fall! With classes for all ages AND adult classes offered at the same time, we’ve got something for the whole family.


  • Increases strength and flexibility

  • Promotes self-esteem, self-respect and inner-strength

  • Increases focus and concentration

  • Teaches respect, compassion, gratitude and sharing

  • Increases coordination and balance

  • Teaches breath awareness, meditation and relaxation techniques




*Kids Yoga Ages 6-9

4-5pm  Starts Monday, September 11!




Little Yogis Ages Ages 3.5-5

1:15-2pm Starts Wednesday, September 13!





*Tween + Teen Yoga Ages 10+

4-5pm Starts Wednesday, September 13!


*Adult All Levels Vinyasa Flow at the same time as the Kids and Tween/Teen Classes at 4pm!

Register online to save your space, or just drop-in!


Every BODY Welcome


Reiki Lecture at Brigham and Women’s and Reiki Share

Dreamtime Wellness ™

Your Bridge to Health; Promoting Optimal Wellness Mind, Body and Spirit

FREE Lecture: The Benefits and Science Behind Reiki for Cancer Patients. Monday. September 11. 6:30 pm. Brigham and Women’s Lung Cancer Forum. Brookline MA. Contact us for details.

Reiki (ray-kee) is a gentle Japanese healing art that promotes relaxation and potentially improve comfort and calm, offering emotional and physical benefits while undergoing treatment for cancer. Reiki sessions are offered with the client/patient fully clothed, either lying or seated, often with light touch, but no manipulation.

Gentle and generally relaxing, reiki sessions are often viewed as supportive care by patients receiving them.Though the science is still out about the effectiveness of reiki, a number of hospitals and healthcare settings are incorporating reiki as adjunctive support for stress and pain management. (Contact me for current research studies related to reiki in the oncology setting.)

Reiki Sessions are offered in a variety of cancer centers throughout the U.S. including Brigham and Women’s, Dana Farber, Beth Israel Deaconess, and Tufts Medical Center.

Note: Talk to your doctor about reiki and other complementary and integrative therapies you are or thinking about receiving. Reiki sessions are not meant to take the place of conventional treatment.

Monthly Community Reiki Share, ‘First Tuesdays’ – 

Next Reiki Share – Tuesday. Sept 5th.

At the Manchester Community Center. 40 Beach St. (Harbor Place) in Manchester-by-the-Sea. Every 1st Tuesday of the Month. 

5:15 – 8:15 P.M. $20.00 Suggested Donation. (Sliding Scale available at $10.00 for seniors and patients undergoing treatment for cancer.) Water, tea and healthy snacks provided.

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Treat yourself and a friend to Beautiful Beauport Beach Yoga and Breakfast this Saturday Morning!

We teamed up with our friends at Gloucester’s iconic hotel to bring you Beauport Beach Yoga, a truly unique yoga experience that you will not want to miss! Unroll your mat, soak in the ocean breeze and sun while listening to the rhythm of the ocean waves.
At the end of the 1 hour class, enjoy breakfast with a voucher for the full hotel breakfast buffet. This class also includes a Beauport Hotel water bottle & a coupon for 20% off in our 1606 Restaurant & Bar (to be used the same day).


$35 per person.

Sign up Here

Please be sure to bring your own yoga mat.

*Rain Date is September 9. Class is not normally cancelled in light mist or fog but for heavy rain, the rain date is August 5th. If the event is to be moved, you will receive an email on the evening prior.

Couch Potato vs Hot Head ~

Couch Potato vs Hot Head ~

Couch potato vs Hot head….

Do you like hot spicy foods (pungent taste)…like jalapeños, ginger, black pepper, pippali, cloves, cayenne pepper, garlic and wasabi?

These foods raise your body temperature and promote sweating. This is why you could sometimes sweat when you eat more of pungent foods! Ayurveda Wellness Healing, LLC knows those who are “hot headed” and get angry easily should avoid or limit their intake. Those that like the “couch” need to increase their intake!

# Improves Metabolism. Helps in digestion and absorption
# Reduces congestion
# Improves circulation
# Relieves pain and muscle tension
# Cleanses mouth

Let us introduce you to yourself, contact us to set up your private consultation at info@ayuvedawellnesshealing.com

“Blockage is disease/Flow is health”