Celebrating Spring and Healthy Herring

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The Long-Awaiting Coming of Spring Begins Tomorrow!

As Joey mentioned, it’s time for the ‘Annual River Herring Count’ – April 1st – May 30th. 

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In honor of herring, here is information about their ecological importance and health benefits! Herring are – 

  • High in Omega-3, (healthy fatty acids EPA + DHA, which are considered important for brain function, eye health, and may help decrease inflammation.)
  • Source of Vitamin D
  • Considered to be lower in mercury levels due to their small size (Note: Pregnant women need to check with there physician regarding fish consumption.)
  • Important part of the marine food chain.
  • Harvested sustainably
  • Extremely valuable to the fishing economy in Northeastern United States

Food Chain and Herring


River (Alewife and Blueback) Herring –

  • Their health and well-being are a reflection of the overall state of the coastal ecosystem.
  • Their count can represent the health of marine life, as well as any watershed problems (such as man-made alteration of the natural hydrology, and water pollution.)

Fishing for Herring – Join the Count!  April 1st – May 30th.

To become a volunteer monitor and help efforts to protect this important species, contact:

Dave Sargent/ Alewife Warden @ 978-282-8018 – dsargent@gloucester-ma.gov

or Max Schenk @ 978-282-8025 – mschenk@gloucester-ma..gov

Herring Grilled Nishin

Grilled (‘Nishin’) Herring

I don’t know about you, but I am craving some grilled herring as I write this!  (‘Nishin’ is Japanese for herring.) – http://tokyostation-yukari.blogspot.com/2010/01/grilled-nishin-herring.html

Sources  –

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Happy, Healthy Spring to All of You!  And May the River Herring be Healthy Too!   

~ Karen Pischke B.S.N., R.N.


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2 thoughts on “Celebrating Spring and Healthy Herring

  1. Thanks Joey! Will be interesting to see what the 2015 Herring Season has in store for Cape Ann. I recently attended an MIT Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chado – ‘the way of tea.’) One of the delicious food offerings of the day was ‘dried herring’! I love pickled herring, whether in cream or wine (healthier version) sauce, but that was my first time trying herring dried. Looking forward to ‘grilled herring.’ I’ll be checking the local fish markets for fresh herring now.


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