Celebrating Spring and Healthy Herring

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The Long-Awaiting Coming of Spring Begins Tomorrow!

As Joey mentioned, it’s time for the ‘Annual River Herring Count’ – April 1st – May 30th. 

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In honor of herring, here is information about their ecological importance and health benefits! Herring are – 

  • High in Omega-3, (healthy fatty acids EPA + DHA, which are considered important for brain function, eye health, and may help decrease inflammation.)
  • Source of Vitamin D
  • Considered to be lower in mercury levels due to their small size (Note: Pregnant women need to check with there physician regarding fish consumption.)
  • Important part of the marine food chain.
  • Harvested sustainably
  • Extremely valuable to the fishing economy in Northeastern United States

Food Chain and Herring


River (Alewife and Blueback) Herring –

  • Their health and well-being are a reflection of the overall state of the coastal ecosystem.
  • Their count can represent the health of marine life, as well as any watershed problems (such as man-made alteration of the natural hydrology, and water pollution.)

Fishing for Herring – Join the Count!  April 1st – May 30th.

To become a volunteer monitor and help efforts to protect this important species, contact:

Dave Sargent/ Alewife Warden @ 978-282-8018 – dsargent@gloucester-ma.gov

or Max Schenk @ 978-282-8025 – mschenk@gloucester-ma..gov

Herring Grilled Nishin

Grilled (‘Nishin’) Herring

I don’t know about you, but I am craving some grilled herring as I write this!  (‘Nishin’ is Japanese for herring.) – http://tokyostation-yukari.blogspot.com/2010/01/grilled-nishin-herring.html

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Happy, Healthy Spring to All of You!  And May the River Herring be Healthy Too!   

~ Karen Pischke B.S.N., R.N.


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