During This National Emergency, Dreamtime Wellness LLC Goes ‘Virtual’

“Caution, without panic,” is the directive of our national, state and local officials as well as our healthcare agencies, during this national emergency.
As we learn new information daily regarding the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic my utmost priority continues to be the health and safety of my patients and the greater community. While many of my clients are healthy, others fall into the ‘high risk’ category, as designated by the Centers of Disease and Prevention (CDC). After careful deliberation I decided to avoid seeing patients/clients/students in-person, in order to abide by the current ‘social distancing’ directive. This went into effect on March 16th, though I have not seen clients since 2.20.2020 due to travel, and then recovering at home since, from an injury sustained while ‘on retreat.’ I arrived home March 7th, to a different world.
Dreamtime Wellness™ offers education and services for relaxation, stress and pain management, so while this seems a prime reason for providing these services during this time of increased stress, providing them in-person, is not prudent at this time.
The health and safety of ‘all ‘ is of the utmost importance to me. This temporary closure of my physical office and in-person sessions/ classes is with your health, my health, and the health of all our families and communities in mind, especially the elderly, who are at highest risk of complications from this virus. The authorities have thus far indicated that “most people who contract the virus will have mild to moderate symptoms.” But, because of its contagious nature and no current vaccine, extreme measures are in order.
When it is deemed appropriate to do so, we will be back in the office offering sessions and classes, as well as offering home, hospice and hospital visits. In the meantime, I am making myself available as a resource to you and the community to assist with ‘relaxation and stress management’. I am offering ‘virtual’ services for support, while satisfying the ‘social distancing’ recommendation currently in place, in order to help keep you and everyone else healthy and safe.

Good Harbor Beach. Gloucester MA.

We are all in this together. And together, we will all get through this!
Be Calm. Be Kind. Be Cautious. Be Safe. Be Healthy.
(Read Below for Available Support Services). 

During this national emergency, these ‘virtual’ services are offered at discounts, via sliding scale, and in some cases, FREE. Including:
  • PRIVATE Consultation and Support: via Phone, Email, Webinar, Skype or FaceTime
  • COMMUNITY REIKI SHARES via Webinar (Next one is March 23)
  • Self-Hypnosis Recordings (found on our on-line store):

   *Optimal Wellness/Volume 1

*Relaxation, Stress Reduction and Sound Sleep/Volume 1
  • FREE Nightly ‘Virtual’ Meditation and Reiki (Circle) Mawashi (on FB) 8 PM EST. Similar to a prayer or meditation group. Anyone can join in, from the comfort of your own home. If you are interested but are not on Facebook, email me for details. Over 1000 people have connected in 5 days; a global collaborative with a focus on Global Calm, Peace and Healing. 
Please stay up-to-date, safe and healthy, by following these reliable, ‘evidence-based’ sources for recommended guidelines:
Contact me with questions, for support, and to set up your ‘virtual’ sessions: dreamtimewellness@gmail.com or Phone 978.283.4258
Karen Pischke, BSN, RN, CCRN Alumnus
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Tobacco Treatment Specialist
Usui Reiki Master Teacher/ Komyo Reiki Shihan

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