Our Friend TeriLeigh sees Chakras and is coming to Gloucester in March

I’m as skeptical as any one, and this woman is legit.

I met TeriLeigh within a few months of meeting Elizabeth in 2010 and like I said I don’t go for hocus-pocus, but this is different. She legit sees peoples’ chakras – the same way Elizabeth expertly sees peoples’ posture. It’s some type of magic, and I wholeheartedly encourage you come and see what she has to say for yourself. You may not be pleased with what you have to hear, but you’ll but be happy to have heard it. The class will be our classic vigorous power yoga, but the workshops will not be hot. Come and check it out.



About Terileigh and her Readings:


More information and sign up HERE!

Big News from Main Street!

Big News from Main Street!


Last weekend teachers from Rockport and Gloucester Public Schools sacrificed their weekend so they could inquire about their own relationships to health and wellness, as to better understand how they can serve the youth they work with. There were also nurses, coaches, and other leaders who work with youth all across Massachusetts and one participant even traveled from Virginia.

My hat is off to all of them. We’re blessed to have people like these teaching our kids.

Cape Ann Power Yoga is grateful to our teachers and our community for making it possible for us to host this type of empowering training in conjunction with the Baptiste Foundation! The two day training was free for people who work with youth to help them bring the techniques we practice on the mat into the classroom.

#Unstoppable was a huge success and we are honored to announce our now

Official Affiliation with Baptiste Yoga!

This relationship will help us to bring more educational programming like this to the people of Cape Ann and more people who seek out this type of experience to our fair city to visit, enjoy, learn, and grow.

The yoga is working. We thank you all for your support!







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