Help Stop Lung Cancer – ‘Lung Force Giving Day’

Promoting Optimal Wellness for Body, Mind and Spirit

Promoting Optimal Wellness for Body, Mind and Spirit

November 17th. Today is ‘Lung Force Giving Day’ at the American Lung Association.  Join me in this effort to stop lung cancer! Donate or become a social ambassador and spread the word!

The Goal – Raise $$$ for innovations in research and personalized treatments against the #1 cancer killer – Lung Cancer.

Innovative Targeted Therapies for Lung Cancer have improved the outcome of lung cancer. Innovative research and personalized treatmentt are the goals for this fund-raiser.

Cure Cancer shutterstock_30955345 DTWThe Facts – 

  • Lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer of men and women.
  • Every five minutes, a woman in the U.S. is told she has lung cancer.
  • The lung cancer death rate in women increase in the last 37 years, while falling 24% among men.
  • More American women die from lung cancer than breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer combined.
  • More American men die from lung cancer than colon cancer and prostate cancer combined.
  • People that smoke are at increased risk for lung cancer (And other cancers, heart disease, stroke, COPD.)
  • Anyone can get lung cancer; Non-smokers too.
  • Exposure to radon gas is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer. Like carbon monoxide, you cannot see or smell radon; it is colorless, odorless gas. To find out more about radon and how to order a test kit –

Indoor Levels of Radon in Essex Are Higher Than the National Average Due to the Granite. –

Lung Cancer

You don’t have to smoke to get lung cancer. Check out this video –

Talk to your doctor about risks, prevention and early detection. Regardless of the cause of lung cancer – smoking, radon, asbestos, pollution – prevention and early detection can save lives.

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