January Ritual: Make Mondays Your Favorite Day

Saltwater Massage Studio is making 2016 the year of R I T U A L S.


“It’s not rocket science or religion – it’s just joy.”

If you know me, you know my passion is for providing massage therapy that “does something” – massage that makes a difference and alleviates physical pain. But lately I’ve been thinking about the other “something” that massage does. Massage can also be a tool to create moments of stillness, silence and (dare I say) happiness in our lives. And that makes a difference too. And alleviates pain. Couldn’t we all use a bit of therapeutic rest?

I believe that happiness makes us healthier people. I’m not saying happiness will cure cancer (believe me, I know it doesn’t), but I do think that “calming the inner storm” makes us a little more patient, more kind, and more generous. And maybe then we can become more patient, more kind, and more nurturing towards our Self – the most complete version of us (i.e. our bodies, our minds and what matters most in our lives).   And it’s in that space that we can feel “well”, regardless of what’s going on in our lives.

Making room for stillness and silence doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. But it does have to be intentional and it has to be repetitive. And that’s where the idea of R I T U A L comes in. It’s about creating personal traditions that eventually, with repetition, begin to automatically trigger a sense of calm and a little burst of happiness. It could be as simple as burning the same candle you love and reading for a half hour every day. It’s not rocket science or religion – it’s just joy.

This year, I’m planning to introduce a new idea for a ritual each month and tools to get you started. And since massage therapy is our main gig, we’ll start right there…

January’s Ritual: Make Mondays Your Favorite Day.

Plan something that you look forward to and do it every Monday.

Next Monday, January 11th, will be kicking off the first of our monthly Community Nights offering $10 mini massages from 4 – 7. Join us on the 2nd Monday of the month all winter – mark your calendars and make it your monthly wellness ritual!

Every Monday in January: $65 60 minute massage appointments all day!

This year, we hope that Saltwater Massage Studio will be one of the things in your life that points you in the direction of happiness and health. Let’s make it a great year!

Gretchen Hill, Studio Owner, LMT

email: info@saltwatermassage.com

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