Despite Torrential Rain, NSMC Cancer Walk a Success!

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A Good Day for Ducks, Fund Raising and Lots of Enthusiasm! Sunday’s weather brought torrential rain, but it didn’t keep participants from walking at the 25th Anniversary North Shore Medical Center’s Cancer Walk.  Over 2,000 people walked in the midst of the storm.

Lynn Daily Item Report –

Most people planned ahead and prepared for the rain …,

NSMC Cancer Walk 2015 Enthusiastic Wet Crowd

A Wet But Enthusiastic Crowd.

NSMC Cancer Walk Wet Dog FullSizeRender

Seeking Shelter From the Rain.

NSMC Cancer Walk Finish Line FullSizeRender


…  but a few were caught out in the cold in just shorts and a tee-shirt. One lucky dog was able to snag a poncho and find shelter under a table.

Congratulations to all the walkers! Some were walking for themselves, others in memory and in honor of loved ones. One woman told me after she, “I lost 50 pounds to get in shape for the walk,” and was “walking in memory of her father.” He must be so proud!  One thing for sure ….

NSMC Cancer Walk Never Lose Heart

You’ve Got to Have Heart

and HOPE Never Stops!


~ Remembering those we’ve lost. ~ Honoring and supporting those in treatment. ~
~ Commemorating survivors. ~  With Gratitude. ~

Luck and God Were on Our Side – Early weather reports were for thunderstorms and lightning; Never a good time to be under trees! And the Salem Willows has a lot of beautiful trees! But luck was with us and despite torrential rain and high winds, no lightning! We felt ”blessed and grateful’ as a falling tree limb in Wenham narrowly missed Nancy’s car, and a car speeding through a red light in Salem narrowly missed mine! 

“Rain or Shine” We Were Told. So organizers, participants and volunteers came with high spirits and plenty of optimism. Despite the cold, wet weather a few people did stop by for Massage and Reiki Sessions. And oral cancer screening provided by Dr. John Fisher, DDS of Salem, MA.

NSMC Cancer Walk Massage Edited

Suleidy Bautista; A Soothing Touch Massage Therapy.

NSMC Walk Reiki Rain or Shine

Reiki, “Rain or Shine.”

NSMC Cancer Walk and Code Blue After-party at Howling Wolf Taqueria Great Successes! Teams raised close to $150,000 to help support cancer treatment on the north shore. The band Code Blue, featured some NSMC Doctors. Band Members from the north shore and Cape Ann included – Bernard Benedetto, M.D., (Guitar and Vocals,)  Frankie Price, ‘Doctor of Music’ (Lead Guitar,) David Rabin, M.D. (Lead Guitar,) Gary Amberik (Keyboards,) Mark Lewis (Bass,) and Gloucester’s own, Matt Palazola (Drums and vocals!)

NSMC Cancer Walk After Party Code Blue

NSMC Docs in Code Blue Band

Featured in this music video are – Matt Palazola – Drums and vocals, Mark Lewis – Bass, David Rabin – Lead Guitar, Bernard Benedetto – guitar and vocals, Gary Amberik – Keyboards, Frankie Price – Lead Guitar.

The after-party warmed us up and lifted our spirits! Thanks Code Blue and Howling Wolf  for the Music, Food & FUN!  Remember to ‘Feed Your Good Wolf.’  Howling Wolf Taqueria, Salem MA –

Time for a Spelling Lesson. The Fox Weatherman got the weather right, but not the spelling of Gloucester! :O

NSMC Walk Fox Weatherman IMG_2063

Almost 3 Inches of Rainfall in Gloucester, MA

A Good Day for Ducks and as it turned out, a Great Day for the NSMC Cancer Walk.    ~   Karen Pischke BSN, RN

For those that wish to donate  – Mention ‘Code Blue,’ another team, or general giving.

Registration OPEN for the NSMC Cancer RUN. Sunday. November 8th.


Karen Pischke B.S.N., R.N., Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Teacher/Shihan, Tobacco Treatment Specialist. In addition to a private wellness business, Karen has been employed as the RN/Reiki Provider and Hypnotherapist at NSMC, RN/Reiki Provider at Mass General Cancer Center (Danvers and Boston,) and currently is the RN/Reiki Provider at Lahey Danvers Outpatient Center/for the Pain Management Integrative Healthcare. Owner/Founder of Dreamtime Wellness™ Since 2000. Promoting Optimal Wellness for Body, Mind & Spirit. More information can be found at – Follow on Facebook –

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