Traveling This Holiday Season? Tips to Stay Heathy

Promoting Optimal Wellness for Mind, Body and Spirit

Holiday Travel. Whether by car, train or air, holiday travels can have its challenges. Here are some tips to stay healthy and well while you travel.

For any means of travel: Good hand hygiene and covering your cough go a long way. Avoid traveling if you are ill, especially with a fever. Carry a list of medications, allergies and emergency contact names and numbers. Leave your travel information with someone you know and trust. Avoid posting on social media that you are away. Share photos after you are back home.

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Additional Tips for Less Stressful Travel:

When driving:

  • Know your route ahead of time.
  • Take maps (GPS does not always work)
  • Pack light. Leave early.
  • Audio books, music or singing can help pass the time.
  • Take prescribed medications and supplements with you.

When Flying (Bus and Train ):

  • Dress comfortably
  • Pack light. Leave early.
  • Arrive early to the airport (bus or train terminal)
  • Eat light, healthy and balanced meals before and during travel
  • Wash hands before eating and after touching seats/trays/windows etc.
  • Be extra mindful if you have food allergies. Carry healthy snacks to eat
  • Stay hydrated; water is the drink of choice. Skip the ice cubes
  • Take music, meditation recordings and ear buds/headphones with you
  • Sleep mask, lumbar support pillow, face cradle and ear plugs for comfort
  • Improve circulation: Get up and move (when safe to do so).Flex legs and toes and stretch your body periodically while sitting. Wear compression hose if advised by your physician.

10 Tips to Cope With Holiday Stressors: 

  • Make it fun
  • Keep it simple
  • Lower expectations
  • Organize and prioritize
  • Spend less money and more time making memories
  • Moderation, moderation, moderation in food and alcohol
  • Mindfulness, kindness and humor can help turn negatives into positives
  • Make time for wellness: exercise, meditate/pray, yoga, tai chi, massage, reiki
  • Breathing relaxation: simply taking 4 – 5 slow, deep breaths  or mindful breathing ‘easy in, easy out,’  2 – 3 times a day can be relaxing and energizing 
  • Enjoy ‘the spirit’ of the season: practice acceptance, patience, and tolerance

Relaxing While You Travel –

Self-hypnosis Recordings Available from Dreamtime Wellness as mp3 Downloads These generic recordings have been in practice since 2010, are based on individual sessions offered since 2000 with positive results and feedback reported.

Note: Hypnosis may be contraindicated in some cases for some people. Check with your physician (and therapist) prior to use of recordings or scheduling a session. Never listen to the recordings while you are driving or doing anything that requires your full concentration. Contact us with questions regarding hypnosis. 

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Enjoy a Safe, Happy, Healthy and Relaxing Holiday Season!  

~ Karen

Karen Pischke BSN, RN, Alumnus CCRN, Author, Speaker, Nurse Researcher, Photographer. Certified Hypnotherapist, Tobacco Treatment Specialist, Usui Reiki Teacher/Komyo Shihan. Owner/Founder of Dreamtime Wellness LLC. Your Bridge to Health. Promoting Optimal Wellness for Mind, Body and Spirit. Karen is a registered nurse with a background in critical care nursing, cardiac rehabilitation, cardiac risk factor reduction, wellness and integrative healthcare. Incorporating a collaborative, integrative approach, Karen strives to educate and provide evidence-based services and self-care tools that are safe as well as effective at improving health, happiness and wellbeing. Find us on Instagram and Facebook

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