Meet Marleen Wood at NSRY

Meet Marleen Wood at NSRY

Marleen Wood has been teaching yoga to adults and kids for over a decade. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher with 200 hour training, a Color Me Yoga certified Children’s Yoga Instructor, and a Usui Intuitive Reiki Teacher and Master. She blends all of her trainings and experience to create a safe and joyful yoga practice for all levels.

Marleen is passionate about bringing yoga and meditation to adults and children. She is the director and founder of Karma4Kidz, a business dedicated to sharing the joy of yoga, mindfulness and relaxation with children and teens through classes, summer camps and private sessions.  She also teaches children’s enrichment classes involving art and yoga at  local north shore schools.

Marleen brings her beauty and grace to each yoga class at NSRY honoring the ancient practices of traditional yoga vinyasa, restorative yoga and mindfulness. Join Marleen on Thursday mornings at 9:15am-10:30am for a joyful, strengthening flow and deeply relaxing restorative practice. She is known to offer the best hand and foot massages with the most soothing lotion leaving you floating after class! She also offers many workshops including Reiki Restorative, Reiki 1 Training, Energy Chakra Healing and Teen Pampering Day. Check out all her classes and workshop offerings at

We are so grateful to have this beautiful spirit at NSRY!!!


Couch Potato vs Hot Head ~

Couch Potato vs Hot Head ~

Couch potato vs Hot head….

Do you like hot spicy foods (pungent taste)…like jalapeños, ginger, black pepper, pippali, cloves, cayenne pepper, garlic and wasabi?

These foods raise your body temperature and promote sweating. This is why you could sometimes sweat when you eat more of pungent foods! Ayurveda Wellness Healing, LLC knows those who are “hot headed” and get angry easily should avoid or limit their intake. Those that like the “couch” need to increase their intake!

# Improves Metabolism. Helps in digestion and absorption
# Reduces congestion
# Improves circulation
# Relieves pain and muscle tension
# Cleanses mouth

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“Blockage is disease/Flow is health”



Fall Cleanse

Fall Cleanse

Join us – if not now, when?


Is your diet correct?

Is your diet correct?


When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.” — Ayurvedic proverb


Where do you fit in this knowledge?
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“Blockage is disease/Flow is health” 🙂

Save 10% on Reiki treatment…


Congrats to our own Ayurveda Wellness Healing staff member, Kim Sardo, for becoming a first degree Reiki Practitioner!


Contact her to book your Reiki session and receive a 10% savings before Oct. 22.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a type of energy work, performed by the touch of the hands. It is extremely powerful, yet gentle.
When the flow of energy is disrupted or blocked, imbalance can occur. These imbalance’s come from many situations in our everyday lives, such as emotional or physical injury, negative thoughts, unexpressed emotions. Reiki can help to get you back in harmony/balance.
Some benefits of Reiki
• Increase in the bodies self healing ability
• Better Sleep
• Deep relaxation
• Release stress and relieve pain
• Reduce high blood pressure
• Supports immune system

“Blockage is disease/Flow is health” 🙂

Goodbye Flu and the Flu shot!

Goodbye Flu and the Flu shot!


We are honored to bring you the following workshop in partnership with Kerala Ayurveda Academy & Clinics….

Say goodbye to Winter woes and ailments, flu and the flu shot!


Join Ayurveda Wellness Healing, LLC, Kerala Ayurveda Academy & Clinics and New England’s top Ayurveda expert, Dr. Pratibha Shah, for the best Winter experience yet!

Ayurveda is the ancient Eastern Healing Science which provides time-tested methods of prevention through deeply rooted
practices of self-care.

Discover a natural, preventative approach to the season with Ayurveda
+ Be introduced to the universal and timeless principles of Ayurveda
+ Learn how the Ayurvedic approach focuses on living in harmony with seasons and other    natural cycles
+ Understand how to take a preventative approach to Winter and maintain your vitality, immunity and energy throughout the season and beyond

+ Learn 3 easy & potent home remedies for common winter ailments including coughs, aches and pains through interactive demo
+ Sample the remedies & take home what remains
+ Recipes cards

This workshop is one not to miss!

When:   Sunday, October 2   1:30-4:30pm

Where:  Ayurveda Wellness Healing, 25 Lexington Ave, 2nd Fl., Magnolia, MA

Register: or (888) 275-9103


“Blockage is disease/Flow is health”