New Moon Yoga Nidra via Zoom ~

The new moon is all about releasing, about new beginnings and Yoga Nidra is all about experiencing a deep sleep – join us Thursday evening, May 21 at 7pm for New Moon Yoga Nidra via Zoom with master teacher, Wyndee Egan.

This class will incorporate meditation, breath work and relaxing meditation. We will combine the energy of the coming new moon to set our intention for the month ahead while deeply relaxing the body to ground these intentions and heal the body and mind.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra
• Increase Immune function
• Improved digestion
• Better sleep
• Releases old habit, fatigue, worry and stress

Enjoy the benefits of yoga nidra in you own home by getting comfortable in you favorite chair, on your mat or in your bed. Gather up cozy blankets. pillows, eye mask, and your favorite essential oil (lavender is great)

Investment: $12.00 (Usually $27)

Once you register for the class we will send you the zoom link and details on how to access the class

click on the link to register:


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