Coconut Oil ~

Heat of Summer = Coconut Oil

Ayurveda Wellness Healing, LLC knows as summer ratchets up the heat index, as it does the fire element (Pitta), in the universe, and in our individual bodies. We all have some amount of the fire element (Pitta), however, usually one or two elements predominate, and if fire is on the top of your list (or your loved ones’), you may notice a few uncomfortable shifts in the summer season.

Signs of high Pitta in the body:
skin rashes, acne, premature graying/balding, heartburn, acid stomach, diarrhea.

Signs of high Pitta in the mind:
irritability (particularly after being exposed to heat or Pitta-provoking circumstances), competitiveness, egoism, envy, quick-to-anger.

Do you see a sign or two of high Pitta in yourself or a loved one? What to do? One thing do to is to give yourself a self massage using organic, cold pressed coconut oil 2 – 3 times per week prior to jumping in the shower. You may also massage into your scalp and hair, wrap in a towel and sleep with it and wash out in the morning. Not only will your hair feel great, but you should notice less burning in the mind and body as well.

“Blockage is disease/ Flow is health”


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