September Happenings at NSRY

September Happenings at NSRY

SOAR into September with our new classes, new teachers and workshops!


Beginners Yoga Series: 6 week series every Tuesday from 5-6PM September 4-October 9, 2018 $60 for six weeks or $15/drop in.

Learn the fundamentals of yoga! Whether you are brand new, always been interested, been to a few classes or even a seasoned yoga, join Katie for this fun, lighthearted series to learn the safe, therapeutic alignment of basic yoga poses. Each week we will focus on breathing, different postures to stretch and strengthen different parts of your body and find the joy of coming home to your body. Join the revolution and discipline of this sacred practice to cultivate balance, clarity and happiness.
All levels, no experience necessary and all props provided including mats. Six week series and no worries if you have to miss one however we do want to inspire you to commit to learning the practice!
New Class with Nicole Driscoll every Tuesday from 6:15-7:30PM Form, Flow & Restore: A steady practice focusing on alignment and breath. End with a blissful relaxation!
Enlighten Your Core Pilates & Restorative Workshop Thursday Sept. 6 6:30Pm-8PM 
A powerful partnership and balance of core strengthening pilates and blissful restorative yoga with Rhonda and Katie. Join us for the first half of our workshop to learn and practice the basics of Mat Pilates, a structured workout focusing on muscle tone, body control and flexibility with the main emphasis on core strength. Then melt into a Restorative Yoga practice focusing on the broad muscle groups, flexibility, stress reduction and deep relaxation. Think integration and complete balance.

A perfect introduction to our 8 week Pilates session and ideal way to end the evening with a restful rejuvenating restorative yoga practice. $35


Paddle & Restore with Amy Bissel THIS Saturday! Pre-registration required and everything including for $40!


Sedona Yoga Retreat Info Session THIS Friday at 7pm. Join us for a Q&A and sign up for our retreat with Ayurveda Wellness to beautiful Sedona, AZ. More information at


After the Fall: A Lesson in Mindfulness

Promoting Optimal Wellness for Mind, Body and Spirit

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Today has me reminiscing about Nor’Easter Riley- derived from ‘Reilly,’ which comes from the Old Irish name Raghailleach.

(Video by Tucker Destino)

‘Sheltering-in-Place’ Nor’Easter Riley brought hurricane-force winds, astronomical tides, record-breaking waves and flooded roads. With flying debris and falling tree limbs, I chose instead to shelter-in-place and watch the 3-day storm unfold on the news and social media. Over the 3 days I watched as people were evacuated to safety, trees fell onto homes and branches through car windshields. Never did I expect during this Nor’Easter that I would end up injured in my own home!

Accidents Often Occur in the Home Despite my efforts to stay home and safe, while home alone I ended up falling down my basement stairs. Late that night my husband was on his way home with a weekend guest. I was distracted and hurrying down the stairs in stocking feet to get my laundry, while talking on the phone with my 90-year old mother. Slipping on the wooden steps as if on ice, my feet flew up in the air. Landing hard on one step, I bounced onto the next, then slid down 2 more, then ultimately the basement floor. My phone and I flew in opposite directions.

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‘Get Fit’ – Cape Ann Health Clubs and Personal Fitness Trainers

Promoting Optimal Wellness for Body, Mind & Spirit

Promoting Optimal Wellness for Body, Mind & Spirit

Don’t know about you, but I LOVE exercising outdoors amid the natural beauty of Cape Ann. Generally Cape Ann seems to have ‘blue skies and sunshine,’ (at least in my mind, 🙂  but cooler, rainy days lead me to exercise indoors with a walk on the treadmill.

Sunset over the Annisquam 5.22.15 IMG_1864 FB

You’ve Heard the Excuses – “To0 cold.” “Too snowy.” “Too rainy.” “Too Windy.” “Too Tired.” “Too Little Time….” Too Many Excuses… But with Exercise Being the #1 Prescription for Good Health, there’s NO Good Excuse, Except for ‘TOO Sick.’  When weather conditions are not the best for outdoor activities and if you don’t have home equipment, there are many health clubs right here on Cape Ann to choose from. Some may offer ‘drop in rates’ and ‘special discounts.’ Regular exercise can help reduce stress, boost immunity, improve mood, and keep you healthier!

Three beautiful girls in fitness center

Here is a Sample of Health Clubs on Cape Ann – 

Group of Healthy People in the Fitness

Healthier at Any Age

Need Help Designing a Safe Fitness Routine? Want to take your fitness to the next level?  
Ask an Expert! Physical therapists, exercise physiologist, and professional fitness trainer can assist and guide you for a ‘safe and healthy’ exercise routine. (*Note: If you have not been exercising or have health issues, check with your physician prior to beginning an exercise routine.)
*Please Note: Some ‘confusion’ recently came to my attention about what these initials, acronyms, credentials mean – Personal Trainer (PT) or Certified Personal Trainer (‘CPT’) and Physical Therapist (P.T.) have very different backgrounds and training. Personal Trainers typically hold a certification from one of the below-mentioned fitness certification programs. A Physical Therapist on the other hand has advanced college and post-graduate studies, with a doctorate, ‘DPT’ now as the entry-level into this profession. An exercise physiologist (EP) also generally requires college study. An Exercise Physiologist is a person who generally has an academic degree in exercise physiology, or who is certified by practice exercise physiology (via the Exercise Physiologist Certified exam (EPC)), or who has a doctorate degree with an academic degree or emphasis in exercise physiology from an accredited college or university.  Be sure to check it out beforehand and know what those ‘letters’ mean!
Personal training

Personal Training

Personal Fitness Trainer – Here are the Top 5 National Fitness Certification Programs –

1. American Council on Exercise (ACE)
2. National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
3. International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)
4. American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
5. National Strength and Conditional Associations (NSCA)

Top 10 Fitness Training Certifications Listed on the Live Strong Website –

Indoors or Outdoors, the Key to Optimal Health is to Get Moving and ‘Get Fit!’ 

Exercise Makes Me Smile

Exercise Makes Me Smile

Enjoy these Personal Mantras/Positive Affirmations from Our ‘Motivation to Exercise’ Hypnosis Program –

” Exercise Energize.” “Exercise Makes Me Smile!” “Exercise Makes Me Feel Good!”   

* Note: If you have not been exercising or have health issues, check with your doctor first for safe exercise guidelines (an ‘exercise prescription’) before beginning a new exercise program.

Exercise safely, get fit, and enjoy greater levels of health and wellbeing.     ~ Karen Pischke, BSN, RN


~ Karen Pischke B.S.N., R.N. Owner/Founder of Dreamtime Wellness™ Promoting Optimal Wellness for Body, Mind & Spirit Find us on Facebook –


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