Fall Cleanse…

How toxins (Ama) effect our health…

AMA clogs the channels of circulation in the body, preventing the unrestricted flow of nutrients to the cells and organs. Or it can clog the channels that carry waste from the cells and tissues, resulting in a toxic buildup.

We need to adjust our eating and habits to suit our digestive type. Digestion also fluctuates according to the seasons, and if we don’t adjust our diet and lifestyle when the weather changes, we may form AMA.

Through the lens of Ayurveda – you are not what you eat, but what you digest.
If you are experiencing any of the below, you may have a build up of toxins:
If you experience a heavy feeling in your body, if your joints are stiff, if your tongue is coated when you wake up in the morning, if you have an unpleasant body odor, if you feel dull and sleepy after eating, or if your mind is foggy, you may have a buildup of AMA in the body. Diarrhea, constipation, joint pain, sadness, dullness, lowered immunity, frequent bouts of colds and flu are all health problems that can be caused by AMA.

Join Ayurveda Wellness Healing on our Fall Cleanse.  We ship anywhere, so no excuses.

Contact us at: info@ayurvedawellnesshealing.com to sign up.

Cleanse dates:  Oct. 11 – 17 (or dates of your choice)

Kick-off Conference Call – Monday, Oct. 3  8pm EST


In-person meeting – Wednesday, Oct. 5 @7pm EST

at Ayurveda Wellness Healing, 25 Lexington Ave, 2nd Fl, Magnolia, MA

“Blockage is disease/Flow is health” 🙂



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